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words that have been laughed at/mocked, little pieces of my heart, secrets masked with excessive punctuation, ramblings not worthy of being called 'poetry', and other such creations.

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i just wanted to be -

do you know i -
do you know that my absolute most favourite food in the world is cake
all kinds of cake because that is how wonderful cake is and
do you know that i said that your smile looks like
my absolute most favourite sweetest dessert in the world?
- i told everyone about you because
do you know that my heart was so full of you i saw clouds and colours everywhere
because your heart, goodness, your heart
amazed me with all the love that i've seen pouring out from it
overflowing with it, like you said, because that's how you talk
that's how you talk, do you know that i love that,
that that is one of the things i love most about you
-- i just wanted to be the one who tells everyone every beautiful thing about you.
how could someone who -
do you know i -
;;i really
- who looks like cake, and sweetness, and talks about his heart overflowing with too much love, and not knowing where to keep it, because there's not enough room there's not enough room and that's why you need her to open your heart and share the
- love
with you;
that's how you talk, can you believe it?
and you mean - and i thought, it was amazing how you mean
everything you say
who does that anymore, you know? so i just had to
;;believe in
you, you.
-- i just wanted to be bathed in the pureness of you.
the most pure . truly, the most pure . grown up human being i have seen to this date and
god, i was blown away by what i saw and heard and
by every precious little thing about you like
the way you say your words like a child
the way your lips look like they are always smiling no matter what, because you can't be rough and tough
you just can't and i love that about you
the way your face says everything you're thinking and not saying, because that's how transparent you are
that's how transparent i found you
-- i just wanted to read you and read you over and over because you're such a deliciously open inviting book.
and they say you can really know how good someone is
by the way they treat those who can't do anything for them
    like your fifty puppies (and man, do you know how to give a good doggy massage)
by the way they treat those who gave life to them
and i've always thanked the heavens that your mom was given a son like you
you're one of the, if not the, best thing that's ever happened to her and i can see that
very clearly, from the way she looks at you.

i just wanted to feel grateful for the fact that someone like you exists for her.

and her. the way she looks at you. like you showed her what everything really means,
what living really means, what
true, infinite, endless, love
really means,
she looks at you like you're the sun, did you know?
i've always found that amazing, because
i can see why she would.
i can see very well why she would, and so

and that's why i wanted you to tell me
not everything
you don't have to tell me everything
i just wanted you to tell me the truth
and only the truth because, do you know,

i just wanted to be sure of you.
i just wanted .
i don't know, i'm usually a pretty good judge of character.
i've been -
look how the colours are changing.
the world is so much bigger, so much brighter, so much more
than i ever imagined.

- born anew.
is what i felt like. feel like.

i've been -

here and there and here and here
and i'm waiting and believing
and believing with all my heart.

- putting all my eggs here.
in an invisible basket.

i've been -

trusting and hoping and praying
and believing and painting
and drawing and waiting.

- here.

i've been holding on with all my might
because this is my life now
and it's so much more, so much brighter, so much bigger
than i ever imagined.

    but it's held together by strings and gems
         and gems and strings
              everything is connected, and -

i've been -

- string?

this is what i get for thinking.


can you save me?

i've been -

look how the colours are changing.
everything's turning a little greyer.

- here before.

i don't want to go back.
i didn't realize how (who knew i was so) fragile. i've been holding on
so. tight.
but sometimes, i still, i still,
sometimes, i still, need a hand.

i've been here for so long.
can you help me?

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rain charmen
Current Residence: up north.
Favourite genre of music: anything that sounds good.
Operating System: various.
MP3 player of choice: sansa.
Wallpaper of choice: seasonal.
Favourite cartoon character: perry the platypus.

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